The start of the beginning.

Well, I am a broadcast media graduate, and I am extremely partial to, as you could guess… photos and frocks. I’m no fashion guru, but as you may learn along this journey with me, that I use fashion as a tool. But I will go into this in further detail along the line.  I like to capture the world as an art form, with my trusty camera and a pair of fabulous shoes.


I am going to try to interpret many forms of media into this blog. As a keen film maker and photo taker, that is a must have to me. But you may have to bare with me because I literally feel like Bambi taking the first steps.

You may be thinking… How has a graduate in media never had a blog? And especially that I work for a digital marketing agency. But, I’ve never really had much to say, apart from the occasional moan. But I recently got told that I have ‘lost’ my personality. I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but I can hand on my heart say that I have not. Just because someone doesn’t speak for a day or 2, or not much within a space of time, does not mean that you have lost anything. One can express themselves in many other ways, and that’s what I intend to do here.

I’m sure I will still have the occasional moan. ( or more, depending) But I hope that I have some readers and that I can inspire you to express and be yourself. You should love yourself, be confident and as creative as you want.

Art isn’t just an oil painting or a print. It can be anything. Art is a form of expression, and we are all artists in one way or another. I would be over the moon if you created your artistic canvas with me, and maybe learnt some hints and tips along the way.

So, keep your frock on, as I share with you my wardrobe, some scarily bad selfies, and some practice-makes-perfect photos. To conclude, this blog shall be like a big black hole in which I throw all my ideas, thoughts and outburst, but mainly just a place to showcase what’s in my brain, and in the process I shall hopefully inspires yours.

Today I went into my favourite place and bought an extraordinary item from wayyyyyy back when. If you want to see how fabulously lovely it is then make sure you check back in with me when I get a minute. But for now… Frock off. xo


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