Vintage Heaven.

Last year I left the wonderful and vibrant city of Liverpool. The home to me that was full of amazing people, amazing music and AMAZING clothes. I literally couldn’t walk home from work or a lecture without accidentally tumbling into a cove of vintage clothes or second hand wonders.

Since then, I have moved back home to Lancaster and have been stuck with the basic high street shops. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these, but you know something isn’t quite right when you wonder around barely attracted to anything. Every now and again I may see a 60’s style miniskirt or a 50s sweetheart collared dress in these shops, but the price puts me straight off.


I say, when you can find these exact same items but with some flare, history and cheaper, why not take some extra time and rummage through some mothball scented rails?

Anyway, getting to my point. I have found my place. I have walked past this shop everyday and ogled at the hand me down Marc Jacobs trench coat and the previously owned classic black Prada Stilettos, but I had never noticed the small sign in the window stating…

“Vintage cellar, now open”

I needn’t hesitate. I flung the door open and expressed my excitement to the women and that I had been having some serious withdrawal symptoms from vintage style. With her shocked face, I think she was happy to see me so happy. Finding this shop on pay day made things so much worse and I now have to eat beans on toast for the rest of month.

In my defence, I was very well behaved and only bought 1 item. I will no doubt be in there again very soon to make another fabulous purchase, as there was so many crazy amazing items.


You honestly must pay a visit to the lovely lady at ‘The exchange’ and discover your inner 70s flower power or your 60s chic. I will soon be blabbing on about all this stuff and how you can wear it to suit your shape and style etc., but you never know until you try, right? That’s how I found out.

So, until next time, do some research and you can see how fabulous, vintage style can be, and you may realise you are basically already doing it.
But until then, Frock off xox


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