How To Wear It : Mixing Vintage & High Street Part 1


Going full vintage at first can be very daunting. I know, I’ve been there. But its just like taking your first steps; you need to take it slowly, and experimenting with style is the most FUN part! I have a few points, which is neither right or wrong, but its what I do and what I think can help you merge the beauty of vintage and the modern style of high street.

11056055_10153161501603985_2833387038356140992_n( Awkward photo of me matching a vintage playsuit from little red vintage with boots from new look )

Pick 1 Key Vintage Piece

If you find the idea of dressing head to toe in 70s style or slapping on a 80s jumpsuit to be the worst thing you ever thought of, I don’t blame you. I only dress like this when I wake up and feel full of beans, whack The Supremes on and drink too much black coffee.( These are the best day , no doubt) But the best way is to pick a key piece and work around this.

Shirts/tops/blouses are the best way to start! I have a number of shirts, that I wear with plain jeans, or culottes can work too ( especially if the shirt is fitted)  If you are wearing plain jeans, pants or skirt, then this gives you the excuse to go as crazy as you feel on that day! Below is a particular favourite combo of mine.

Jumpsuits can be even more fun! ( apart from when needing the loo ) and what I love to do, is simply add a little belt; a simple belt I might add. If you have a crazy style jumpsuit then I wouldn’t add a thick belt, or a detailed belt.  If you are feeling this look, you can really play around with shoes too! I love a plain brogue or moccasin, but don’t forget to keep it plain and simple if your jumpsuit is a bit on the wild side.


( Jumpsuit is vintage Laura Ashley)

A dress can go a long way… Just on its own. There is nothing fussy about slipping on a dress and being on your way. You’re probably wearing vintage prints and styles without even knowing it. Polka dot is everywhere, and timeless still, but was probably at its peak in the 50’s. But you don’t have to go jiving to wear polka dot, and you’ll probably get a lot of complements. You could go in any vintage store, pick out a dress ( as long as it fits), add a belt, a pair of plain slip on shoes and a modern coat and it would be the perfect outfit. I would show you my collection of dresses, but It would never end…


Bags and Bags and Bags!! You can tell I’m getting excited just writing this ( hence the double exclamation) But a bag can be a key piece. Just cause you’re not technically wearing it, you are still wearing it. Last time I looked around for a bag on the high street, the resemblance was uncanny. You can add a simple purse snap handbag to an outfit, for that timeless extra little something something. And you can pick one up in a vintage shop for £5 if you root.

14971821_10154625676371322_368177680_n14975911_10154625676441322_1973097722_o(Bag was picked up from an Oxfam charity shop for £2.50 but is real leather, originally from Clarks!)

So I have only touched on a few points here, and I could go on for days. Wearing vintage clothes can be very scary at first, but its all about knowing how you feel to how you want to dress, and just bloody wearing it! I find that clothes speak to people, and vintage clothes especially can reflect your mood and feeling. A pair of jeans and a plain t shirt ( modern) cant make you feel extra special. But add a pair of vintage stilettos and a faux fur vintage shawl or coat, and maybe even a headscarf, BOOM you’ve got an outfit.

Keep up to date with my blog for more fashion tips and ramblings. I’m going to touch further on these points ( especially how to wear a belt) and definitely shoes. But for now… Frock Off xox


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  1. Karen says:

    I love this! You always look so stylish!!


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