So, I thought id mix it up and provide an awkward video, featuring some spots and a double chin. But every now and again, probably once a month, I’m going to pick a couple of items from my wardrobe and ramble on about them.

Hopefully I will add a couple of items to my wardrobe over time, and things will get more excited. As I also get more used to talking to myself in front of a camera and discussing clothes, they will probably (hopefully) improve.

So, check out this vid where I natter on to myself about some granny wallpaper jumpsuit I discovered in France and a 50s style polkadot skirt I am in love with. Again, apologies for my double chin, spots and some strange faces and noises I make, along with some weird hand movements. Also, my editing could of been better, but its nearly 11pm and editing software was no my friend tonight.

Enjoy, but for now Frock Off xo


One Comment Add yours

  1. Karen says:

    You always look so fab – I loved taking a peak into your wardrobe! More vlogs please!

    Liked by 1 person

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