My Fashion Icon.

Today I thought I would natter about one of my favourite women, who is a fashion dream, an influence and a great role model for all woman; or in fact anyone.

Iris Apbfel.

Not a lot of people I have asked, know of her. She was in a car advert I think… But many might know her from her big ass glasses, which I am extremely jealous of.

So if this is the first your hearing of the icon herself. Just look how fabulous she is.


If anyone would ask me who my fashion icon is, it wouldn’t be ‘Kim Kardashian’ or Gigi Hadid’ ( Even though these women are fabulous in their own way), it would be this lady. She was born in 1921 and has done many wonderful things in her life.

Born in New York, as an only child, she was raised by her family who owned a glass and mirror business ( not so glamorous) and her fathers wife who owned a fashion boutique. You can see where it could have began?

After studying Art History at New York University, and then art school at Wisconsin, she went on to work in interior design and was an illustrators assistant.

When she met her partner, they launched a textile firm until they both retired in 1992;  and I was not even born at this point. Through this time, they travelled the world to source fabrics and co-partners, all the while Iris began her collection of clothes, from non-western to artisanal, to which she wore to clients high society parties.

iris young.jpg

Her clothes are so momentous that they are in a museum and gallery. What a dream. To see this collection if definitely on the list.

Of a woman of this age, I believe it just shows that there is no limit or restrictions on how you want to dress. At 93, she has outlived a lot of fashion icons and has lived through every era of fashion. Is Iris what an accumulation of all fashions is?

She is now in high demand as a model, designer and mentor. I know I would want her to be my mentor. But, it is true, who’s to say that an older woman cant have style or be a style icon? I look more to older woman for fashion than I would at someone my age or younger. I cant look like that in a crop top, or a mini skirt, and you must dress to your personality and shape/size.

If my nana flicked through a magazine, what would she see? A skinny, 20 year old model in basically nothing. How can any older lady relate to this? Even Iris agrees:

“And why they use these models who look 15… How can an older woman relate to a little kid running up and down the runway? You can’t.”

So I say, hats off to Iris, and I believe she is more of an icon than any highs fashion model will be. She dresses how she feels, it reflects her kooky personality and tells the story of her life in a way, and If I had to wear glasses, they would be my choice. I bet all her clothes have much more of a story than mine do. I hope I stay as excited about clothes and wearing them when I’m much older. Its a rush like no other.

I could ramble on about her all day. But I’m going to leave on some snapshots of the woman herself in some fabulous pieces, which I would love to own, or even see! So, ill be yapping on soon, but for now…. Frock Off xox

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS. She also has a film called ‘Iris’ I’m pretty sure its on Netflix, so make sure you educate yourself and embrace the wonderful Iris! I certainly did!



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