Fashion = Pain?

On Friday, I wore one of the most beautiful dresses that i’ve ever worn. Might I add for a bargain of £30. Even though it was stunning, it has physically scarred me and it took me a good half an hour to get in and out of it.

When I was getting in it I had assistance; although after few too many tipples and digging into my cheesy chips; I was alone and it was a task….


The point I’m trying to make is, ever since we can recall in the world of fashion ( mostly women) pain is a given if you want to look ‘how you’re meant to?’ First their was them ridiculous Chinese shoes that forces girls as young as four having their feet bound and included breaking their toes and the feet. Then their was the hoop skirt from the 16th century, which basically made women not able to move, and not even get through a bloomin door!




And who could forget the corset; which believe it or not is still around today… AND has returned with vengeance, in the form of ‘waist trainers’ ( which make no sense to me) Corsets have been known to restrict blood flow and cause us lovely ladies to faint.

So, after all this pain and suffering through, why do we still smack on them huge stilettos and the tightest dress possible? Well, being one of these crazy women, I agree with the wise words of the big man himself ( Christian Louboutin )

“High heels are pleasure with pain.”

I think you are 1 or the other type of person; you will make the sacrifice to look the way you want, or you will choose comfort. You could argue this, as I have been comfortable many a time while looking and feeling fabulous. But this NEVER included platform shoes.


I do believe we are slowly progressing into a world where comfort and fashion are combining themselves, and ‘trends’ are becoming more slouchy and relaxed. But this is in high street fashion.

But I say, if you can rock crocs, mum levi’s and a baggy tee, then I am jealous and you will probably feel amazing. But if you are the lady in the painful dress and stilettos, then I am also jealous of you, you probably feel ( not physically) amazing and you look fabulous. Its just who you are, and I don’t mind a bit of pain in return for the feeling of fashion.

Here is the only photo of my dress (which is only half) Guess which ones me 😉 I’ll leave you with the question : Are you the croc wearer or the stiletto strutter?

Chat soon, but for now… Frock Off xoxo





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