The Rockin 50’s.

Ok, I understand I wasn’t even born. Neither were my parents. But my grandparents were, and I know who has the most interesting stories and anecdotes about fashion.

The amount of times I walk into my nanas and I get ” I had some curtains like that” or ” that looks just like a skirt I had when I was your age”. But getting to the point,  I believe that 50’s was a grand time for fashion and has set the standard off for the rest of the road.


War hero Fashion

The fashion in this era is so broad and fabulous; ranging from glamorous shaping clothes and crazy prints, to big volume skirts and accentuating your waist. It has something for every shape and size.

To begin with, we have to remember that rationing did not finish until the end of the 50’s and was most probably a difficult time.  So as much as some people may look back at this time at the hardships but many may see the vibrant fashion that sprung from it. This is probably why people dressed so well. As depressing as it may sound, its true, that dressing well can make you feel better.

All the little and big changes must have been a part of the impact in clothing which has changed the pace of fashion today.


Importing Began!

I’m no genius, but I presume that the rationing in fabrics may have created the pencil skirt and the small waists. Still staying fabulous while not being allowed all the fabric you want. After this clothing began being manufactured in bulk and also improved in standards and quality. More variety was availabe and importing began. This included….. PARIS.

Dior had a big impact on this and changed the shape of lines and styles. Dior created a line based on letter shapes; which is were you have heard ‘a-line’ which is as it says on the box ( widening towards the hen) which followed by the y-line which was based on wider sleeves and a slim skirt.  These developed furthermore into full petticoats and bodices. These styles are still dominating today and continues as we speak.


Rocking, Rolling & Jiving

We cant forget the momentum of rock n roll music and the fashion that went along with it. It wasn’t until this age that the fashion became more age conscious and full skirts, tight tops and flat shoes were born. Perfect for jiving in. This contrast in bottom to top in fashion can still be seen today.



Suits you!

So to finalise, a 50s piece is the one for anyone. Whether you are a curvier lady or a smaller shape. There are 2 key silhouettes that 50s fashion is loosely based around: the full skirt and the pencil skirt, which are both so iconic and both can give a very different look, from a bit sexier to fun, obviously depending on how you wear them.

When it comes to these styles, I say the bigger the better, as curves look fabulous wearing these kinds of clothes, but as the same time curves can easily be created with belts, foundation garmets and padding!

I love to wear a pencil skirt and big skirts. I love a 50s style pencil dress too.  So many styles and pieces we see today are from the 50’s but you just don’t think about it. Think again when youre in a high street shop and remember where that shape and line came from.

I will be chatting all things 50s in more detail later on and how to wear them. But for now, Frock Off xoxo





One Comment Add yours

  1. Karen says:

    I love the fifties! My parents are 50s babies, so we have albums full of fantastic fifties fashion from my grandparents!

    Fab post, as always!


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