Style Sort Out!



Over the weekend, I did something astonishing and most frankly a scary task to undertake.

The wardrobe clear out.

First of all I would like to apologise; not just to whoever may be reading this, but mostly myself, for not writing for a couple of weeks. I have lacked motivation, and been caught up a bit too much in the festive celebrations. Lets just say, I’m never drinking Gin again.


Seeing as its the new year, what better way to feel refreshed and to de clutter than to start with the wardrobe! I personally felt a thousand times better after doing this, and can actually go to my wardrobe in a morning without the stress and panic.

First steps, in my opinion is to literally get everything out of your wardrobe and create fashion mountain on your bed. This is at first the messiest way, but in the end the most efficient, and easiest way to sort through it, item by item and find its home.

Here are my top tips on how to begin and how to get the job done efficiently.

1. Set a time and stick to it.

Tell yourself you will do it on a certain day. I set Saturday aside for it. Start as early as possible also, because it took me 6 hours. Yes, 6 hours. Don’t say you will do it on Saturday, and by your morning coffee on Sunday, you have to wade through clothes and clogs to get to your kettle.


2. Reward Yourself.

So, I already had a meal out with a friend, and a cinema trip. This was my motivation to get it done and get out. My friend also came round just at the last minute of the clear out to help and take a few items she had her eyes on. Especially if you have a night out planned that evening, you will definitely be able to find the perfect outfit after a good sort out. Its simple, after all that graft, you deserve a glass ( or bottle ) of vino, or a trip out.


3. Quality V Quantity

Be realistic when shifting through that endless pile. Do you really need to keep that dress that you wore once when you were 10 years younger and will most probably never wear again? NO. Keep this saying in mind:

“One mans trash, is another mans treasure”


” One woman’s crap is another woman’s Chanel”

I’m sure you will have a friend or a relative that will take it off your hands.

Create a pile of No, Maybe and Keep ( Put the keep straight back in your wardrobe) Then shift your way through these. But BE BRUTAL, REALISTIC and HONEST with yourself.

Step away from those ‘sentimental’ items as well. I kept a shirt I had for about 7 years, because I wore it to my granddads funeral, and I felt guilty throwing it away. When in reality, 7 years later, I looked at it and thought:

“My granddad would tell me to throw that way, its that ugly”

When trying to be brutal and realistic about your choices, try and think “If I were shopping now, would I pick this up and buy it?”


4. Organising it back

So, once you have your maybe pile, your no pile and an array of clothes back in your wardrobe, think how you prioritise your clothes. Maybe keep your summer clothes all to the right hand side and winter clothes to the left. Just make sure you organise it for YOU, and create an easy way. You want to open your wardrobe and instantly be able to know where everything is.

5. Make room for new stuff.

This is why you need to be brutal and honest with yourself to if you are ever going to wear that. Because lets face it, new stuff is going to happen. ” New Year, New Clothes” – that’s the saying right?

I hope this has helped you in anyway. To make you feel a bit better, below is my 6 hour shift I had to endure and the transformation. I made a friend happy by supplying her with a new wardrobe ( one mans treasure) and still have a bag to give to charity, including some fabulous shoes. I am a constant charity shop goer, and I know how happy I am when I find a bargain fashion steal. I can hopefully do this with my clear out.



I hope you feel refreshed and de-cluttered after your clear out. I know I certainly did. Happy style sorting, but for now… Frock Off xox



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