“Dress for job you want, not that job you have”

Today, I had a conversation with my manager at work, discussing whether he would hire an ‘unconventional’ looking person. The conversation went a little bit like so ;

1 “Would you hire a bigger person?”
2 ” It depends how big”
1 “Like really big, cant fit in that chair big” ( Imagine a big chair)
2 ” Honestly, probably not”
1 ( With shocked face” ” Really!? Why not?”
2 “Because if they are client facing, people might feel uncomfortable”
1 “But peoples are peoples”

Obviously, there was a little more to it than that, but that was the jist. ( don’t know how to spell that word, or even if it is a real word)

This came about, because today, it is Monday. I was feeling especially ‘Monday-ish” so I was sporting a rather lounge like attire. I got told I look like id been to the gym, was going to star in a urban streetwear advert, got a hangover, going to hop on a skateboard and also Aladdin.   I have to admit, it was rather different to my normal get-up I clobber together in a morning. But again; Monday.



I have always had the mentality of ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’ – so today, yes, maybe subconsciously I wanted to be an urban streetwear model ( I even had some gold hoops ).

But on a serious note, what would someone who was hiring do, if an ‘obese’ man came for an interview, but was dressed like a couture catwalk model, or an autistic woman came in wearing a fabulous fur coat and this seasons loafers? Would anyone care? Is it better to conform than to stray away from the average expected office wear?

In a perfect world, ( or my perfect world) we would all feel super comfortable strolling around in what we want, and how we feel on that certain day. But, I know for a fact, that not a lot of people do this, but they bloomin well should! Take me today for example; I felt Monday-ish, so my dress reflected this, but I got comments. So should I have avoided how I wanted to dress for other peoples sakes? NO.

Above- Left; Chantelle Young ANTM with rare skin condition and right- Ashley Graham; defying the normal image of a model and smashing the ‘plus size’ modelling world.

Tomorrow, I might wake up feeling like a goddess and throw on something fabulous, but as far as today goes, leave the jogger wearers and the converse walkers alone;  who’s to say we are not equally fashionable, and we are simply not conforming?


                                          Above- An interesting take on ‘breakfast at tiffanys’

The point I’m getting at, is that with the day and age we live in, I’m just shocked that people still judge people on what they look like. No wonder people are scared to express themselves through fashion half the time, because people judge. And if they don’t verbally and consciously judge they are secret subconsciously judging.

As a society, will we ever get to a stage where we can all wear fluffy pink coats, crazy oversized hats and illuminous blue wellies ( strange example, but it paints a picture) and not be judged. When will come the day when we embrace every single human in their appearance, style and fashion sense? Because who’s to decide what s fashionable, what is the best way to look, why bigger girls cant get that job for a ‘skinny’ girl and why we cant all defy the norm.


Lets see what Tuesday brings, but for now… Frock off xoxo


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