Clothes to fit you, or you to fit your clothes?

So, my Tuesday evening consisted of eating the largest bowl of pasta I think I have ever seen in my life.

(I tend to eat a lot, then complain about it.)

And it got me thinking about all the people surrounding me doing slimming world, weight watchers and generally running circles around themselves trying to shred a few pounds. Everyone has a personal preference, and I say hats off to those people who want to lose the weight for a fresh feeling and outlook on life.

For other people, losing weight may not be as easy for certain reasons; or they simply don’t want to! Clothes and style are for everyone, no matter the shape and size, and i believe we should all be about celebrating ladies all over the world from the size 6 to the size 26.


One of the girls at work came in today, looking extremely fabulous. She was wearing a lacy white sleeveless blouse, which had an intricate detailed flared collar-like sleeve. Paired with this were some tailored pastel pink trousers and finally finished off with a casual pair of white pumps/trainers. To cut long story short ( that was like fashion-porn) she looked stylish as hell. After I told her how bloody great she looked, she mentioned she feels fabulous, because after a lot of hard work, dieting and exercise she has proudly fit into a size 10!

So, adding this story, to my huge bowl of pasta ( which included half a block of cheese and 4 unnecessarily big spoonful’s of mayo) and my size 14 thighs, and everything else squeezing ( very snuggly) into a 12; this got me to the big question…

Why should we adjust our body to clothes, when you can get the clothes for your current body shape?

Beauty is beauty. Style is style.

Whether this be in the shape of a size 16 brunette who loves a boyfriend jean, a size 24 blonde who rocks a pencil skirt, or a size 14 red head who eats a huge bowl of pasta and cant fit into elasticated pyjama bottoms.


I am a great believer of beauty coming in all shapes and sizes. I have grown up, becoming more and more comfortable with the skin I’m in, because of seeing the many women in my life looking fabulous and representing different types of ladies that we see all over the world.

Just because you aren’t a size 10 in the beautiful tailored pastel pink trousers accompanied by the intricate white blouse. You can be the fabulous, beautiful and inspiring woman in the size 16, size 18, or size 24 outfit. Size 6, 8, 10 ladies- you are obviously fabulous too. Whether you are a fitness fanatic who eats what you like and don’t put on a pound, or you do casual exercise and sneak in a choccy bar everyday, everyone is different, and no matter what your shape or size, you should be able to feel and look as great as anyone of a different size to you.

Just cause you generally see a smaller model wearing a skimpier cami dress or maybe a bigger female modelling a 50s style pencil skirt; this does not mean that any other shape or size cant rock that same look. Give it a go.

Taking the wise words from one of my idols Dawn O Porter : ” Just bloody wear it”.

If you see a dress that you think is a work of art. Don’t have the mentality of ‘ I cant wear that’ I need to lose some weight first’ or ‘ that’s for women with curves’ – Don’t think like this; try it on. You never know. ” Just bloody wear it”

Thanks for reading, I’m sure ill be moaning about some other fashion related incident soon. But until then… Frock Off xox



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