3 Spring Trends: Are You In Or Out?

Its a sunday morning. Me, my laptop and coffee are in bed t watching terrible sunday morning television. So i thought id have a little write! A quick one today; because the sun is out, and my wardrobe has many delights for the sun 😉

Whether you follow ‘fashion’ and trends or not, its everyone personal preference and whether you like it or not, sometimes when you see a certain trend you just cant help but cave. Im going to count down my top 5 trends at the moment; you could say that they arent ‘trends’ and just – “styles that i like, and would wear”  If you like them- see below the image and ill give some tips on where you can find them! Im not one for following trends, but sometimes it just catches your eye!

The Bucket Bag!

This fabulous trend is cute as hell, and very practical – Which is always a benefit! This trend has apparently outgrown being a trend; and is now a staple piece. But i’ve seen these everywhere and some quirky ones at that. My next shopping spree is definitely going to include one of these beautiful bags.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Handbag Trends: Bucket Bags

Image 1 of PINEAPPLE BUCKET BAG from ZaraThe Pineapple bucket bag is from Zara and is only £29.99!

And like any good ‘trend’ or style item- its come back around the circle of style and is from vintage fashion. I mean check out this Hermes bag below- it actually resembles a bucket, and is just as fabulous as todays bucket bags. The below photo was in Vogue in 1967; and probably cost a lot less than a bucket bag today!
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.30.32 AM

SUPER Brights!

I have always believed in colour in style; when you stick with the greys, whites and blacks it can get a bit boring and samey. Don’t get me wrong, you can create some sheer classic looks with a natural palette, but especially with the weather getting better- be daring, and get a splash of colour in your spring wardrobe!

spring summer 2017 fashion trends

If you like to be on top of trends i’ve heard that PINK is going to be very big this spring’17. As well as ruffles. Combine the two and you’ve got a pretty big spring statement.

This unique pink dress is from topshop and is in the sale for £90!


I have always been a fan of tassels and think that this detailing is fabulous. It can both be really chic and also quite grungy and give quite an urban feel. I personally have a brown suede bag that i go everywhere with- which has an abundance of tassels and some marvellous beading detail on. If you want any detail this spring, and like this trend; why not go tassel?

Spring/ Summer 2017 Jewelry Trends: Tasselled Jewelry

Tassels can actually be on any piece of clothing; from earrings to shoes to bags- you name it, it probobly can have tassels.

Tassel leather sandals | MANGO

These spectacle of a pair of shoes are from mango for £90. I am very tempted to click ‘add to basket’ on these.

These are just 3 trends that i have my eye on this spring. You decide whether you’re in or out- and why not go treat yourself? The suns out, so surely you need a splash of colour, a fabulous bag to keep your sun cream and sunglasses in, and tassles- just for the sake of tassles? ( I was very unsure of the spelling of ‘tassels’ through this)

Now, stop reading my blog and go get styling. For now, Frock Off xox


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