The Swingin’ Sixties : PART 1

In a previous blog I covered one of my favourite fashion eras; the rockin 50’s, but then it is a tough one; as the sixties is just as fabulous, in its own way. But how did it differ to the 50s?

Ok, the 1960s were reminiscent of the 50s and could be said to be more classic within style and design, ( we’ve all seen the marvels of Jackie Kennedy) whereas the further into the sixties we got, the opposite happened; which is the part I love. All those bright, crazy and psychedelic clothes; groovy baby.

It was as if everyone bottled up their expression of colour through the 50’s that it exploded like a fashion time bomb. From long full circled skirts and elbow high gloves, us women swapped to short skirts and boots, and the men changed the drainpipes or the suits to tunics and capes. Just barmy. But great, right? Check out what happened from 1960-1963 in my part 1 of the timeline.



Even though the 60s was probably seen as a time of experimentation ( not just in fashion) but it certainly didn’t begin that way. The day time look was still slightly stuck in the 50’s. A typical daytime look would’ve consisted of a oversized hat ( covering a bouffant hair-do ), deep armholes and a rounded, tapered jacket. An evening outfit would still be similar to the slender look of the 50’s; such as a long  dress, a fitted waistline and maybe a full skirt.



The costume look was all he go in 61. The modern day woman would tend to toddle out to the shops or a meal in an expensive but simply cut evening dress. Oh, and don’t forget about the high, yet elegant bouffant up-do. A gentle inward curve towards the midriff was introduced which really worked for a lot of women. Skirts had started to rise now, and were at the middle of the kneecaps, and even though they were getting shorter and shorter, only the very young wore extremely short.



Some subtle nonetheless meaningful changes happened over 2 years, with the silhouette becoming more form fitting, but lines still didn’t try to accentuate curves. We’ve all seen Audrey in that classic black ‘BAT’ dress? The classic pearl necklace? Well this high bosoms and sleeveless dress was a signature in this year, and is certainly a classic. This year focused on sleek and slender lines, blouses and dresses with muffled necklines and no tight fitting, but simple and natural outlines.



In 63 it was almost like everyone had a brainwave, and the young look swept through 60s fashion. The knee high skirts, sleeveless dresses, low heels and short, cropped hair. Even though people may think the 60s were really makeup based, at this stage no women wore too much makeup, and high heels weren’t in the picture.

Here came one of my favourite parts; fur coats. Fur trimmed suits and coats were the biggest crazes, and leopard was leading them all! As well as this, tweeds, leathers, furs, turtlenecks and paisley came together to create some of the most amazing classic looks of all time. I personally love a neck scarf, and especially a turtleneck.


After writing this, I realise that I need, should, MUST own more 60s clothing. My fur coat has a hole in it (from over-wearing) and my hair is so thick and long, bouffant is a bouff-cant! Even though just 3 years, a lot of happened through the start of this era, and we can definitely see lots of these trends back in our wardrobes, and on the high street. Why don’t you try some of these looks and get into the swing of the 60’s? You may be surprised by how much the 60s is surrounding us now. Its all coming back!

Peace out and Frock Off xo






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