Are Young People ‘bothered’ about Fashion Anymore?

D&G, Chanel, YSL, Gucci,… Just to name a few, these brands are said to be the ones we lust after the most. But with the majority of youth in over their heads with student debt, ridiculous financial situations and the sad but true, daunting thought of the never ending saving for a mortgage, that we aren’t really promised? So where is the time to even think about owning a pair of designer shoes, or a shiny expensive handbag? Have this generations rules changed and do we just ‘get by’ in terms of fashion?


Personally, surrounded by a whole load of student debt, monthly bills and a never-ending list of things I need to buy, I only ever get to scroll through a ‘sorted by price low-high’ page on the Zara sale. I find myself accidentally adding a £400 pair of SJP shoes to my basket, and then realising I’m clearly delusional. How did she ever afford to buy all them Manolo’s while being a freelance writer? Not possible.

Perhaps, our generation have realised that realistically its never going to happen. As much as we would love to be able to nip to a designer store, clink a glass of fizz while trying on a monthly pair of red-soles, we stick with our £10 pumps from Primark.

Or is it that we are simply not bothered?

Is that £1,000 scarf in our opinion just the same as the new look branded one?

Is it cooler to recycle and reusue, buying vintage instead of high street AND designer?

Or….Is it that the majority of people don’t like the mainstream catwalk/designer stuff?

My opinion is that this generation is sooo busy that we just don’t have time to keep up with trends, and frankly we aren’t too bothered. Fashion changes more than I change my socks, and to keep up with that you’d have to spend a whole lot of time, money, patience and research, buying Vogue, scrolling through blogs ( let alone writing them), trying out new styles, and so on and so on…. I can barely find the effort  (or the pants) to wash the pots.


This generation know who they are, they know who they want to be, and before any others, we aren’t afraid to stand out and be who we want to be. So, if you want to know your fashion, then you go out into the world and do fashion how YOU do,  if you want to boss the latest video games, you do that or if you really just buzz of listening to vinyl’s and drinking coffee, that’s your fashion right? Whatever you thing, the 16-30 year olds are pretty bold nowadays. Not even that, older generations are embracing it, and rocking some serious style; not necessarily designer brands- they don’t have the time or money for that either!

In conclusion, after some serious power embracing and ramblings, I think that we just aren’t bothered. Not to say we aren’t bothered in fashion, because If I wasn’t wouldn’t be spending my evening typing this it and really crappily sketching terrible outfit ideas. But who has the money for a designer label? If anyone wants to give me a million pound, I wold gladly delve into that and purchase some items I could never possibly afford, but until then I’m sure I’m not the only one who agrees with me when I say  I’m quite happy with my  charity shop frocks and my vintage handbags. Who knows, they could even be worth more than a designer label in a while?


I would love to see some statistics on the above explored. What do you think? Are you bothered about designer labels, and if not, why not?

I mean can you even guess the different between the high street and the designer from these?:

Black PumpExpensive jeansCheap Black Dress

Dress – Left ASOS approx. £40.00, Right Erdem approx. £500.00
Shoes- Left Jimmy Choo approx. £350.00, Right Zara approx. £30.00
Jeans- Left H&M approx. £30.00, Right Current/Elliott – approx. £230.00

Ill leave that for you, as food for thought. Does your paycheck go on bills and debt, or are you one of the lucky ones that can pay as you go designer? We can all but dream, right, but for now Frock off….. xoxo


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