Frocks in the Films : My Top Picks

When I think back ( all the way back) I’m not too sure where my love of ‘vintage’ fashion came from, but if I think about when my passion truly started, it was through my studies – where I was constantly reading about, researching, studying and watching films. My life drastically changed the moment I stepped my extremely unfashionable feet into the cultured fashion flustered city of Liverpool, and realised that fashion is a huge outlet for some people, including myself ( I just hadn’t unlocked it). And by combining fashion in film, you can pretty much conquer the world.



So after watching ( probably too many ) films, one thing that really stood out to me was the fashion. There are so many fabulous films which wouldn’t be the masterpieces they are if it wasn’t for the wardrobe. And It may seem sad, but its one of the reasons I love film so much. ( and probably the reason I don’t like so many other films) So I thought, I would do a little tribute and pick some of the top films that I believe… well the fashion alone truly is the cinematography.


I mean where in the world would we be in fashion and film culture if it wasn’t for the iconic LBD and pearls in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the unforgettable pink satin gown in Gentlemen prefer blondes? After all, the film reel and fashion are the best of friends.

  1. About Time

The first time I saw this film, I pretty much wanted to be the main female character. And now I look at my current living state, its quite scary how subconsciously ( or maybe consciously) i am slowly creeping to a full state of ‘Mary’. If you haven’t seen it, to sum it up its about a dorky ginger guy who can travel in time. But what’s most important isn’t that guy, but the woman he meets called Mary. She drives a Fiat 500, lives above a vintage clothes shop, and reads for a living. ( Yup, that’s right). I don’t live above a vintage clothes shop ( sadly) and I don’t read for a living, BUT I do write for a living, drive a fiat 500 and have similar #fringegoals.  ( It has Bill Nighy in, Domhall Gleeson and Rachel Mcadams and involves time travel- what’s not to love)  As much as the film is a hidden treasure, which I believe didn’t get enough credit, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her frocks and fringe, and have absolute style goals. Ill leave the trailer here as a little teaser, and here is a superb little article about how you can get her look.

2. How To Marry a Millionaire

With a film that stars Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall, and the first ever film to be photographed in Cinemascope, how can I not be beautiful in every way? Every film that has Monroe in is a truly stunning affair, but this is my particular favourite. The scene when they are in the aeroplane and she puts on the fabulous glasses- even though the gentlemen thinks she’s a ‘strudel’ already. That beret and gold blouse pant suit combo and the leather gloves is just the best thing I’ve ever seen, and then add the cherry on the top of the outfit. Every single outfit in the film is to die for, but to top it all off…the scene when the ladies are frolicking on the rooftop and we see Betty Grables full dress and pink underskirt ( while she’s sipping on a martini) gives me ultimate fashion envy. Take me back in time please.


Its got to be in my top 3, with not really much of an explanation. Do I really need to explain why it doesn’t need an explanation? Here, I am referring to the films and the TV series as they are both as fabulous as one another. Who cant relate to the tulle skirt in the opening and the amount of money she spend on them Manolos- not in the same sense of course! If i sat and typed every single moment of ultimate fashion fever I would not even have enough time or space in the internet… But Carries never ending fur coats and broaches, Miranda’s tailored suits and striking ginger do, Samantha’s daring get-ups and Charlottes prim and proper, classy closet- its all the things of dreams.

4.Breakfast at Tiffanys

Its got to be up there, right? Even if someone has not seen this film, they know of the fashion, and the impact that iconic dress has on all! Words cant describe how monumental that dress was for both film and fashion. The dress was designed and made by Givenchy, and is most likely to most famous LBD off all time- I cant think of another that compares. LOVEFiLM conducted a survey in 2010, and the dress came out triumphant, being chosen as the best dress EVER worn by a woman in film. The publisher declared:

“Audrey Hepburn has truly made that little black dress a fashion staple which has stood the test of time despite competition from some of the most stylish females around.”

I dream of someday wearing a dress as iconic as this, and even more being able to go somewhere as fabulous for it to be suitable!
Its not just the dress that was a fashion feature in the film, but every single outfit Hepburn wears is a statement alone – from the trench coat when she’s finding ‘cat’ to the nightgown and eye mask she annoying makes look couture.

5.Roman Holiday

I know I’ve probably banged on about Hepburn a bit too much, but she was and still is a huge fashion icon- from the 50’s to now! This is one of my favourite throwback films, and my jealousy levels for Audrey and what happened to her after the filming are off the radar- She got given every single item from the wardrobe- from the hats to the scarfs to the shoes and the socks! Even though her most iconic fashion in film is definitely Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I think this is runner up. The chic fifties outfits in combination with the scenery and Gregory Peck ( and the fabulous haircut she spontaneously gets) is enough to make a girl want to move to Rome. Just imagine skipping through the cobbled streets wearing a dirndl skirt, a pair of espadrilles and a fabulous neck scarf? Fashion and culture paradise.

That’s all for me for the time being. I think I’ve rambled on enough. I advise you to go and watch some of these films if you haven’t already. Before you know it, you may have found your film fashion inspiration and be walking through the streets wearing a Marilyn inspired Beret and gloves. Old films are the best for this, but you are sure to find new and exciting fashion for yourself everywhere you look. Just keep your eyes peeled. Go on, go get scrolling through Netflix…. but for now… Frock Off XOX


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