Frock off to Liverpool: The BSC!

Over the weekend, if you didn’t know, one of the most spectacular events went down in L-Pool. It involved frocks, fashion and forever flowing gin! That’s right… The Clothes Show!

A whole load of people with a passion for fashion joined together to witness some of the most fabulous, inspiring and damn-right gorgeous clothes, all in the same city for a weekend. And I had the privilege of taking myself, my VIP ticket and 3 fabulous ladies to the city which feels like home to me, to be a part of it all.

Being surrounded by fashion is my ultimate goal in life and any opportunity where I can do this, even for a weekend, I’m jumping in my brogues at the chance. So, apart from all the gin drinking, what did I get up to, and most importantly what did I learn?


The Big Show

This show was as stunning as the clothes. Yeah, some pretty crazy styles were there, but I am right there in the queue to purchase half of them. From guys in huge pink puffer coats, to swinging trapeze acts, violinists and best of all, some of the most beautiful frocks. ( and men in gold swimming shorts ) Some of the trends which were said to be prominent this season were:

  • Pastel Shades
  • Floral and sheer for men
  • Longer tops, skirts and more dress type attire for men
  • Frills
  • PVC/Leather type pants
  • Denim on Denim on Denim on Denim
  • Huge over the knee/thigh boots

I don’t usually tend to follow trends, but that’s not to say that you cant like certain ones and still go for it. Fashion is each and everyone’s personal preference. I am a huge fan of the thrills. I even bought a vintage frillllllly blouse over the weekend ( £8!!). and I’m also tempted to invest in a hot pink frock for summer, as well as some big boots; although save them for nearer winter!

Here is a really bad mashup of  a few clips from the main Clothes Show:

Designer Catwalk: Philip Armstrong

Throughout the entire weekend there were designer catwalk shows in the great St Georges Hall. I Happened to stumble upon this fabulous designer of Philip Armstrong. I had only briefly heard of them before in Liverpool, but never really seen any of their work.

Their seasons collection consisted of lots of crushed velvet styles, lace and a combination of deep reds, greens and the odd darker shades. Subtle yet elegant and bold styles, which I was an a instant fan of. My only criticism to the show was that I would’ve liked to see more than the average ‘skinny’ young model, modelling them. Aren’t clothes for everyone, no matter what age or shape? So we should be able to see the art displayed on a variety of canvases.

Aside from a small thing, stunning designs, and here, again is a terrible collection of videos where you can hopefully catch a glimpse of what I mean:

Expert Insights : Jo Elvin

Throughout the weekend, there were also some fabulous talks with fashion experts, and the one I really wanted to attend was the one with Jo Elvin. As the editor at Glamour Magazine, and a very stylish lady, she is a driven and inspirational ( never mind fierce) woman in the industry. She spoke about the annoyance of heels, wearing what you feel comfortable in, and what it takes to really show passion and flare in the industry. She spoke about the qualities she admires in someone just starting out. Thoroughly enjoyed and will take plenty away from it.



Fine Tunes: The Vintage!

So, as you probably can guess this is the part where I got even more giddy (not that I wasn’t before), and I hadn’t even had a gin yet! There was a classic car show, a fabulous vintage bus café, endless stalls and just fabulous ladies dressed in some fabulous old clothes! I spoke to a lady about it all, and how she turned her duvet into the skirt she was wearing, purchased a vintage blouse, and even got complimented on my outfit and my sunglasses. I just wish I had all the money in the world, so I could buy it all!

The Shopping Halls

Women and men alike- all the fashion divas could be found in here, along with the mounds of glitter, champagne, makeup and frocks. Again, if money was no object It would be dangerous, but I behaved. Although, I did still prefer the vintage shopping market, as the ranges of clothes in here seemed a bit same-old. Don’t get me wrong there were a few stalls which stood out to me, and plenty of items I would’ve bought, but quite repetitive.

Although, I was very glad to see that bigger sizes were being introduced in many stalls, and SimplyBe were even rapping their brand. There were products, brand and fashion suitable for every man and woman!

What Did We Wear?

I paired vintage with high street and wore a vintage silk pleated skirt ( probably 1940s ) with necklace and earrings handmade from South Africa with a new look tasselled top and plain black gold buckled loafers .

I cant speak for my mother, auntie and friend/other auntie, but I cant say one thing- they all looked fabulous. We may not necessarily be ‘on trend’ or the ‘coolest’ but we are certain of one thing- ourselves

Fashion is different for everyone and can make a big statement for who are and what you stand for : These images show 4 different ladies with different personalities , styles and lives which is reflected in our fashion .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Of the evening, of course our pumpkin turned into carriages and our slippers turned in Jimmy Choos ( I wish ).  I opted for my green silk Zara jumpsuit, with some tasselled heeled sandals from Dorothy Perkins. Want to see some photos of us transformed and after 123,876 gins? Well, you’re in Luck!

And to prove the gin….


Well, I certainly had a fabulous time, and for 2 whole days was in my element. Whether I will ever work in fashion or not, at least the world honours us fashion-lovers with occasions such as this, and lets us live in such a stunning place that embraces everyone and their styles. Ill be checking in soon, but for now… Frock Off xox



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